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BigInsights Academy offers range of courses to help understand the Big Data opportunity.

In the past year or so, Big Data has exploded on the scene, and hardly any sector is left that has not felt the after-effects. Still, it’s a nascent science and often confuses people and organisations. Enterprises that are eager to implement a Big Data strategy find themselves struggling to understand the benefits it has to offer, though they do realise its potential. ‘

At such times, where to do they turn to?  This is where the BigInsights Big Data Academy steps in by offering a range of courses to help executives understand the fundamentals in order to take advantage of the opportunity presented by Big Data.

The Sydney, Australia based BigInsights is an research & advisory firm focused on Big Data Analytics, with ample experience in best practices and ROI on using Big Data technologies for customer and operational Insights.

The BigInsights Academy Program consists of several interlinked, short and long-term courses, all of which lead to providing a mastery over Big Data. At the end, participants will receive a certification from BigInsights Academy on Big Data Mastery. Certification can also be provided once attendee has completed all the individual courses in the above Academy curriculum. The certification is supported by ACTA Industry association.

Here are some of the courses offered:


  • Big Data: An Exposition of Case Studies across Industries
  • Big Data: Industry & vendor Landscape
  • Kick Starting A Big Data Project
  • Big Data – Analytical Models, Environment & Tools
  • Integrating Big Data with Operation processes
  • Big Data Mastery – 2 day intensive


Kickstarting a Big Data project:

This course highlights the BigInsights Big Data Plan methodology and focus on helping you develop skills and techniques to:


  • Define critical business issues that need to be solved with Big Data
  • Perform Data Inventory and Data Quality Audits
  • How to identify external data sets


The three-hour course will be conducted in a workshop format whereby participants will be allowed to gain experience in the various techniques covered, through case studies.


Find out more at course home page 



Raj Dalal

Raj Dalal

Raj is founder & principal of data analytics research & advisory firm, BigInsights. BigInsights specialises in the application of Big Data & Analytics technologies as a catalyst for business innovation. BigInsights helps craft Big Data analytics strategies for their clients which include major Australian enterprises, start-ups and Data Analytics vendors. See further information at
Raj Dalal

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