Who is the target audience for this report? Who will have access to it?

Senior business and IT manager who have an interest in implementing Big Data projects. Full report will be available for purchase from us. Executive summary of the report will be available for free and distributed to press and our target audience.

What information are we seeking from your organisation in support of this report?

One of the objectives of the Big Data Vendor Landscape is to help senior and business IT managers understand positioning & customer momentum of approx 100 Big Data vendors within the 4-5 broad categories of the Landscape . We are trying to collect information on your products and services so that companies looking at starting BigData projects have access to a list of all vendors in the space. Once we collect the information we will get back to you if we have any questions and at that point may request some of your time to sit down and have a discussion.

What other vendors have agreed to participate in this report?

We recently sent the invitation to about 100 companies to participate . We have already completed interviews with Cloudera and a few others vendors. Please visit www.biginsights.co to view interview with Cloudera CEO Mike Olsen.

Can we supply vendors/organisations with a rough outline of what this report will look like? And what time period it will be published? When would we require this information from vendors/organisations if they agree to participate.

The initial free report will show the various categories of technologies in the Big Data Landscape and list all the vendors within the category they belong too. The final layout is not ready yet as we are in the process of collecting the information. Once we finalize it we will be happy to share that with you. Reports will be published in the first quarter of 2014. The closing date for the survey is end of December 2013.

Can we provide a sample of a vendor landscape report in another adjacent market so that it is possible to see what a finished product looks like? A sample of some sort?

We are not aware of a vendor landscape survey that has been conducted so far. That is why we have taken this opportunity to carry out the project to help the business community.

As a condition if Vendors request the opportunity to review their portion of the report PRIOR TO PUBLICATION and comment on it/ A factual check prior to publication/ Would we agree to this if a vendor decided to participate?

Absolutely. We would also provide a complimentary copy of the final report on request.

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