2015 BigData Study

Growth in the volume and variety of data adds a whole new layer of complexity to the way organisations do business in terms of extracting value from data while at the same time containing costs.

Since the advent of the Big Data phenomenon, there has been an evolution in the perception and attitude to Big Data. The initial hype has subsided, and the apprehension with which organisations viewed the phenomenon has now changed to an acceptance of the importance of data towards driving business decisions.

The BigInsights 2015 BigData Study aims to gauge the appetite and focus to adopt Big Data Analytics within organisations and understand the expectation for these solutions to provide insights within the organisation.

BigInsights in conjunction with CIO Magazine invited IT & Business professionals to provide input to BigInsights 2015 Big Data Study. The survey was conducted online and respondents answered about 15 questions that covered Plans, technology and vendor preferences around Big Data.

See short article written about the study in CIO Magazine in March 2015.

The race between vendors, service providers, and start-ups means that the market is certainly spoiled for choice, but the competitive environment has seen a fair degree of consolidation and we are likely to see more. Thus far the focus has been on containing and managing Big Data. The evolved landscape is seeing the focus move to analytics and insights.

This study examines the key themes around the evolution and adoption of Big Data in the AP market including:

  • Growth – How fast is data growing in the Australian /Asia Pacific market.
  • Use Cases – What are the main business purposes for Big Data adoption
  • Technology Awareness – Knowledge of the different technologies and platforms available in the market.
Executive overview of report:


Report Contents:

  • - Methodology
  • - State of Play
  • - Company Size, Data Volumes, Unstructured Data, Data Growth, Data Types
  • - Business Benefits & Business Focus
  • - Key Stakeholders
  • - Big Data Projects
  • - Business Challenges of Big Data Projects
  • - Technology Challenges of Big Data Projects
  • - Big Data Infrastructure, Vendor Awareness, NoSQL Databases , Hadoop Distribution
  • - Big Data Delivery Infrastructure
  • - Future Outlook
  • - Advice for Vendors & Service Providers
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