BigInsights Mastery

While trying to understand the concepts of Big Data, most companies are faced with the challenge of putting together & implementing a Big Data strategy that will enable them to get actionable customer insights by “monetizing data”. How do we go about putting together a Big Data Strategy? At BigInsights we have come up with program to help executives master what it takes to start the Big Data journey in their organisation. This 2 day intensive workshop prepares the participant to take leadership in the Big Data & Analytics projects. We cut through the hype and focus on what matters to business and technology leaders. Workshop focuses on Big Data concepts, technology, data architectures and analytic with a focus on application of these concepts to Industry issues and leadership. Course Schedule:
Day 1: Day2:
Big Data Fundamentals
  • Data explosion and evolution of Big Data
  • Sources of Big Data
  • Difference between BI/Datawarehouse
  • Benefits & Challenges of Big Data
Creating a Big Data Strategy: 7 step model
  • Business imperatives
  • Data inventory & Quality Audit
  • Analytical Models
  • Test & Validation
  • Operationalise
Big Data Cross Industry Blueprint: Use cases & Case studies:
  • Acquire, grow & Retain customers
  • Fraud reduction
  • Datawarehouse/ETL re-architecture
  • Security & ITOps
Information Sources, Quality and Audit
  • Internal sources
  • External sources
  • Data Audit methods
  • Data quality methods
Big Data Industry Blueprint : Use Cases and Case studies:
  • FSI, Telecom
  • Retail, Manufacturing
  • Government, Utilities
  • Healthcare
Data Science & Analytics Fundamentals:
  • Machine learning
  • Analytic models
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Visualisation
Workshop – Crafting a Big Data strategy for ACME Ltd – Part 1 Workshop – Crafting a Big Data strategy for ACME Ltd – Part 2
Big Data Technologies:
  • Hadoop/Mapreduce and opensource ecosystem
  • NoSQL, realtime and in memory models
  • Cloud based offerings
  • Big Data architectures integration
Big Data Privacy, Security and Governance:
  • Privacy & Building trust with customers
  • Security frameworks for Big Data
  • Governance models to protect organisation reputation
Big Data Vendor Landscape:
  • Megavendors: IBM, HP, SAP, Teradata, Pivotal, Oracle etc
  • Niche technology vendors: Cloudera, Hortonworks and other emerging leaders
  • Cloud offering: Amazon, Google, Rackspace etc
  • Niche service vendors
Execution and implementation of Big Data Initiatives:
  • Business case and ROI for Big Data initiatives
  • Analytical model and team creation
  • Selling a Big Data project internally
  • Project Governance
  Cost: send us an email for quote for in house course (4 PAX minimum)


Graduates of this course will receive a certification from BigInsights Academy on Big Data Mastery. The certification is supported by ACTA Industry association.

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