BigInsights CEO interviewed by BRW magazine

Big Data = Big Money?
July 25, 2013
BigData & BI Excellence Awards
August 21, 2013

brwBRW, a  magazine published by the Australian Financial Review Group, recently interviewed Big Data consultant Raj Dalal extensively in an article on Big Data and Retail Commerce.

In the opinion of Raj Dalal, Founder and Chief Executive of Big Data research firm BigInsights, corporate Australia was slowly starting to understand that data was the future for commerce. “There is a growing realisation that the next wave of competition in the retail sector is going to be the battle for the customer, in the sense that they will be using all that data there is at the company’s disposal,” he said.

The key thing about big data is that it is a “one-to-one personalisation story,” says Dalal. "All of that information is narrowed down to creating a better and more personalised experience for a shopper. Big data excels at this." But, as Dalal says, most companies don’t get that marketing and, by extension, big data, has to be aimed at the individual.

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