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May 8, 2013
The BigInsights BigData Survey 2013 Results
May 30, 2013

It's a platform where global business intelligence and analytics experts gather not only to exchange notes but to tell the world where Big Data is at this moment in time, and where it is headed. This year, I am an invitee to the prestigious BI & Big Data@ CeBIT 2013. On behalf of BigInsights, not only shall I be sharing with my fellow invitees but also with my readers some of the insights and knowledge that I have gleaned so far from my experience in dealing with Big Data.

CeBIT In fact, what is also very exciting is that I shall be discussing the results of the first-ever BigInsights Survey conducted over the last six months to take a pulse of Big Data. Cutting across industry, we had asked professionals, executives and decision-makers in various enterprise to take the survey to help us understand where Big Data stands today at the ground-level, and what is expected out of it.

The survey is expected to throw light on:

  • Best practices and ROI on using Big Data for Customer and Operational Insights
  • Emerging trends in Use cases across industries such as FSI, Telecoms, Manufacturing/Distribution/Retail and Social commerce
  • New Big Data technologies
  • Business opportunity for Big Data technology creators

Clearly, business leaders today have greater access to a number of technologies and information, yet, paradoxically, are poorly informed at the time of decision making. Thus, how to leverage upon Big Data is, in my opinion, one of the most critical actions required to improve business performance, and one that decision makers need to understand quickly.

I shall be communicating this and some related thoughts like the progress in Big Data tools and techniques with other attendees from government, private and public enterprise.

Here's a quick lowdown on CeBIT, for those who do not have much info on it.  CeBIT Australia Exhibition is the largest annual business exhibition in Australia, with specialist showfloor areas covering Cloud, data centres, Big Data, communications, financial technology, Security, mobility, Social Media and eGovernment.

I am excited to be part of this meet. So, see you on May 30 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney. If you can't make it, don't worry. Stay tuned to this website for updates. Or, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

Image courtesy: CeBIT Australia

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