Raj Dalal

Raj Dalal is Founder & Principal of BigInsights. BigInsights is a research led advisory firm focused on data lead innovation using AI, Data, IoT technologies, and techniques.

Raj Dalal, Founder & Principal, BigInsights  

Raj is acknowledged as a trusted go-to authority for companies who want to drive data-led business innovation. He helps companies craft and executes digital transformation strategies that increase shareholder value using advanced data & AI technologies and techniques.

In 2013, Raj set up a boutique Big Data Analytics research & advisory firm, BigInsights in Sydney (www.biginsights.co). He has authored research reports, case studies and is regularly briefed by vendors such as IBM, Cloudera, Google, AWS and others on their strategic direction in Data Analytics, AI and IoT. His clients include Hitachi, Tibra Capital, Aquabliss, Clapit and Cloudera. His is currently authoring report on Business AI Adoption. Raj is also convenor of BigInsights Data Innovation Awards which recognise leaders in industry that are driving innovation and business value using Data, AI and IoT technologies and techniques. (dataawards.org)

Raj is invited to speak at Data events – such as CeBIT, DataCon, TDWI and SAS Global Forum. His articles have been published on DataScienceCentral, Datafloq, BRW, 7wData and CIO magazine, to name a few. Raj has been a judge at the Data Impact Awards in New York since 2015.

Prior to setting up BigInsights, Raj worked at technology leaders such as Hewlett Packard and IDC in various consulting, solution sales & marketing and industry research positions in Sydney and Singapore.  He worked with several Internet 1.0 start-ups where he caught the start-up bug. Since then he has started, worked, invested and advised several tech heavy start-ups. Unfortunately, his success rate matches the rest of the start-up industry!

He is President & Charter member of TiE Sydney chapter, non-profit started in Silicon Valley to help entrepreneurs succeed. See further details at https://www.linkedin.com/in/biginsights/



Ramin Marzbani: Managing Director, Indigo Venture Capital Partners

Ramin is a active investor in early stages technology companies in Australia. He started Internet research firm, www.consult in the 90’s and grew it till acquisition by ACNielson. He is director at EventZero (Bigdata/CEP), Effective Measure and Smart Services CRC. He is on advisory board at BigInsights, InvestmentTrends & MIR Investment Management. He was past director of Telstra Broadband fund and started his career doing corporate stuff at Booz-Allen & Hamilton and IBM.

Greg Baker, CTO, Daisee

Greg Baker is a nationally recognised expert – author, data scientist, software developer and consultant with over 20 years experience. His Data science skills is across Machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and Mathametics skills across Cryptography, elliptic curves, quantum computation.

He has worked for likes of CSIRO, Google and consulted to companies such as Atlassian, Allianz, Optiver, HP and Fujitsu. He holds a BSc (Computer Science & Mathematics) from Macquarie University and PhD (incomplete) in Crytography from Macquarie University.

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