Kickstarting A Big Data Project

Kickstarting A Big Data Project : Tips and Techniques

Big Data solutions are here to stay and are already delivering value for many leading organisations. In this course  we will highlight the BigInsights Big Data Plan methology and focus on helping you develop skills and techniques related to initiating a successful Big Data program. The focus will be to:

  • Define critical business issues that need to be solved with Big Data
  • Perform Data Inventory and Data Quality Audits
  • How to identify external data sets

The course will be conducted in a workshop format whereby participants will be allowed to gain experience in the various techniques covered, through case studies.


Total duration – 3 hours

Audience – Individuals within an organization who are responsible for determining the feasibility of embarking on a big data project or who have been given the task of leading and managing a big data project .  Based on the organization this can be senior managers from the IT or Marketing departments.



To enable attendees to:

  • Have a good understanding of how to initiate a big data project
  • Understand the seven step process in putting together a big data strategy
  • Experience the process and equip them with templates to help with big data projects in their organization.


Booking can be made by clicking on above (date/city) and making payment through the Online booking form on Eventbrite.


Cost – $497 (ex GST) per person

There are discounts for multiple registrations from same company and supporting industry associations.

About BigInsights and workshop presenters:

BigInsights is a boutique research & consulting firm focused on Big Data solutions and technology. We help enterprises and vendors capitalise of the Big Data opportunity. The principals of BigInsights all have 20+ years experience with Business IT solutions across Australia, US and Asia Pacific with deep background in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, E-commerce and CRM solutions.

The Workshop will be presented by BigInsights team of Haima Prakash (Partner) & Raj Dalal (CEO). Further details about BigInsights and full Bios are available at

Please send us an email to if you have any questions or register your interest in attending.

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