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Over the last year Data Analytics & IoT has made an explosive entrance into the markets. Most organizations are finding themselves in a position whereby there is a need for them to look at and explore the benefits that Data Analytics & IoT strategies and technologies have to offer, in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The BigInsights Academy offers a range of courses to help executives understand the fundamentals to take advantage of the Data Analytics & IoT opportunity.

While trying to understand the concepts of Data Analytics & IoT, most companies are faced with the challenge of putting together& implementing a Data Analytics & IoT strategy that will enable them to get actionable customer insights by “monetizing data”. How do we go about putting together a Data Analytics & IoT Strategy? At BigInsights we have come up with curriculum to help executives master what it takes to start the Data Analytics & IoT journey in their organisation.

The BigInsights Academy Program consists of several interlinked courses which all lead to providing attendes with Data Analytics & IoT Mastery:

Academy Curriculum

These courses are linked together with a overall BigInsights Customer centric Data Analytics & IoT methodology. Further details of the methodology can be found in the article 7 step Customer centric plan article and summary is below
Seven Step BigData Plan


  • -Data Analytics & IoT: An Exposition of Case Studies across Industries
  • -Data Analytics & IoT: Industry & vendor Landscape
  • -Kick Starting A Data Analytics & IoT Project
  • -Data Analytics & IoT – Analytical Models, Environment & Tools
  • -Integrating Data Analytics & IoT with Operation processes
  • -Data Analytics & IoT Mastery – 2 day intensive


Graduates of Mastery course will receive a certification from BigInsights Academy on Data Analytics & IoT Mastery. Certification can also be provided once attendee has completed all the individual courses in the above Academy curriculum. The certification is supported by ACTA Industry association.

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