How Big Data was tamed: Our research director writes in CIO mag on the rise of Big Data

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September 16, 2014
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March 11, 2015
Recently, Australia's well know publication, the CIO magazine, published a write-up on Big Data by BigInsights Research Director Shayum Rahim.

In that article, Shayum wrote how Big Data had taken root faster than anyone could ever have expected. But thanks to an explosion of management solutions, it was becoming manageable, Over the last year, he said, we’ve witnessed a change in perceptions around Big Data. Up until recently, Big Data was thought of as ‘hype’, or a buzzword created by IT vendors to sell more products.

Some Excerpts: The interesting thing is that big data was not created by IT vendors at all. Big data is a by-product of consumer demand to do things digitally. Businesses began to fulfil that demand by moving more and more of their business functions online, then to mobile devices, sensors and machines. Almost everything we do today is digitised and that has triggered a deluge of data traditional IT hasn’t been able to deal with.

IT vendors, and in particular RDBMS (relational database management systems) vendors, have scrambled to straddle the market and capitalise on the massive opportunity presented by the data explosion. Of course, big data was not necessarily a new concept to them.

Many of their large enterprise customers already had hundreds of terabytes of data. Volume was not a problem either for state-of- the-art data warehousing capabilities offering zero failover, high-availability backup and more options than a stock market trading floor. This was business as usual.

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