Rise of Big Data Applications to Drive Adoption & Reduce Time to Value

Here’s where Big Data is headed in 2014: BigInsights
January 22, 2014
SAP Start-up Forum by TiE BigData SiG to be hosted by BigInsights CEO
February 10, 2014

Sydney, January 29, 2014:  BigInsights, an Australian-based boutique research & advisory firm focused on Big Data, has predicted that the field of Big Data will see five broad trends emerging this year.

Shayum Rahim, who recently joined BigInsights as Research Director, said in his paper on ‘Here’s Where Big Data Is Headed in 2014’ that the year will see a sharp focus on Big Data technology vendors. He writes: As Big Data skills shortage continue, many organisations will start looking at technology vendors to provide fully automated, fully integrated applications to resolve their data analytics issues.

This, will then give rise to a variety of Big Data/Hadoop-based applications from a new breed of specialist, Big Data technology vendors, who will pose a real challenge to the larger traditional technology vendors. The market will turn to new cloud based industry applications to solve specific business problems as the cost of on-premises appliances becomes an inhibitor.

This year, says Shayum, the field of marketing will become more precise. With the abundance of data available with the organization about customers, marketing is poised to become an exact science. The outcome of marketing campaigns can soon be predicted through a series of variables including historical, real-time and predictive data.

Prior to joining BigInsights, Shayum was the Head of Australian Software Research at IDC. In his paper on Big Data trends in 2014, he further writes that in the quest for Big Data, brands will not be the only winners.  Customers, too, would benefit from precision marketing through the medium of mobility and social media.

BigInsights, is the convener of the Big Data Awards (Bigdataawards.org) which is focused on recognizing teams and end users that are doing ground breaking work to deliver business outcomes using Big Data technologies and techniques.

The possibilities for BigData are met with a sense of anticipation by enterprises and entrepreneurs. An entire ecosystem of technologies and methodologies are maturing to help companies make sense of the explosion of structured and unstructured data being generated. Companies that can harness this data to provide deeper actionable insights for business will gain a competitive edge.

About BigInsights: BigInsights is an Australia-based research & advisory firm focused on Big Data Analytics. Its express aim is to help companies with best practices and ROI on using Big Data technologies for customer and operational insights, and to help them track emerging trends in new Big Data technologies.

About Shayum Rahim: Shayum Rahim is the Research Director at BigInsights and formerly Head of Australian Software Research at IDC. Shayum has previously held senior roles at JD Edwards, Oracle and Microsoft. He has spoken about Big Data at several industry events and has authored several reports and articles on Big Data. He can be reached via shayum@biginsights.co and can be followed @ShayumRahim (Twitter).

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