Rise of Big Data platforms – Start of a consolidation period?

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April 30, 2014
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May 21, 2014

The last 6 weeks has seen some major announcements by Big Data vendors, most of whom are emerging as leaders in the Big Data-enabling technology space. In this period, there were 2 announcements, both significant but for different reasons:

1) Pivotal announced the Pivotal Big Data Suite: Pivotal has delivered on the promise of putting together disparate technologies from EMC and VMware by creating compelling value proposition around the Big Data Suite. It also includes a novel approach to packaging the offering via a  "pay for analysis" model rather than on storage volume. 2) Cloudera announced their eye popping raise of $900M which included $700 million from Intel Capital in late March 2014. With this monster raise and backing from Intel, Cloudera now has resources to become a major force in the Big Data landscape.  

BigInsights Chief Executive Officer Raj Dalal spoke to Pivotal President Scott Yarra about the Pivotal BigData Suite and how it planned to compete against pure-play vendors, like Cloudera, as well as compete with other megavendors with Big Data solution stack.

  Pivotal President Scott Yarra interviewed by BigInsights CEO Raj Dalal from Raj on Vimeo.  

BigInsights takeaway:

The next 12 months are going to critical in establishing long term winners and losers in this data fuelled IT revolution. We will see an accelerated phase of consolidation and acquisitions within the Big Data Landscape. The business imperative for Big Data vendors has moved from enabling technology to delivering business value for their respective customers.


biginsight_rajRaj Dalal, Founder & CEO of BigInsights

Raj has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the IT&T Industry across Asia Pacific .  He recently worked at a BigData security firm, TrustSphere as Head of Marketing and Alliance. As IDC’s Vice President he was responsible for Emerging Technology research and “Go-to-Market” advisory services across Asia. At Hewlett-Packard, he ran the Asia-Pacific CRM/BI solution business in the early 2000′s. He can be contacted via raj@biginsights.co or @BigInsights (Twitter)

He founded BigInsights in 2012 to provide insights and though leadership in the Big Data space. BigInsights (www.BigInsights.co) is an Australia-based research & advisory firm focused on Big Data Analytics. Its aim is to help companies with best practices and ROI on using Big Data technologies for customer and operational insights, and to help them track emerging trends in new Big Data technologies.

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