Big Data = Big Money?

BigInsights delivers keynote speech on big data services at CSIRO
July 10, 2013
BigInsights CEO interviewed by BRW magazine
August 19, 2013

Big data is a hot area for entrepreneurial innovation. Last year, this field saw an investment of US$1.2 billion across 160 companies by VCs in the United States, resulting in 20 exits and 3 IPOs.



Investments in big data is, thus, an issue that is on everybody's mind these days. The Indus Entreprenuers (TiE), Sydney have organised a talk around the subject BigData = BigMoney? in Sydney . This shall be moderated by Founder and Chief Executive of big data advisory firm BigInsights Raj Dalal. The Panel will help Aussie entrepreneurs understand the oppurtunities in this emerging space:

  1. Dr Rami Muktar: CEO, Ambiata
  2. Michael Graham: CEO, Mercurien
  3. Simon Dale - Head of Technology & Innovation, SAP AsiaPacific

Click here for more information on the meet.

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