The BigInsights BigData Survey 2013 Results

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May 17, 2013
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June 19, 2013

raj at cebit - 1-1It's been one of the most comprehensive studies to have been undertaken on BigData in Australia and surrounding regions in order to understand the pulse of this nascent but growing market. Today, the findings of the BigInsights "BigData Study 2013" were released by Raj Dalal, Founder and Principal of BigInsights at CeBIT BI & BigData Conference in Sydney.

We hope that the results of the inaugural survey will help organisations and professionals alike understand the world of BigData better, helping them in their endeavour to harness both, structured and unstructured data in a way that it adds value to their businesses, giving them the much-needed competitive edge.


Some of the key findings of the BigInsights BigData Survey 2013 

When the survey results were analysed, it was found that even though BigData had indeed grabbed the attention of  organisations and governments alike, business and IT leaders were still struggling to understand the full range of benefits it had to offer.

This was the singular feedback that stood out from the rest in our comprehensive survey undertaken in the Big Data domain in Australia and neighbouring parts.

The BigInsight “BigData Study 2013” revealed that of the total number of organisation that had participated in the survey, 50% of them had marked  "Not understanding the benefits to the business" and "Inadequate analytics skills in-house" as some of the top challenges their organisations faced when it came to BigData. Deciding which data was relevant was also identified by over 40% of the respondents as a “pain point”.

BigInsights BigData Survey 2013  

When asked about their understanding of the top benefits that Big Data could provide particularly to their organisations, over 60%  of the respondents stated that improving insights about customers and decision making are Big Data’s key advantages.

BigInsights BigData Survey 2013

"Although opportunities to use BigData are being discussed in boardrooms and the C-suite, the complexities of implementation and understanding the industry specific applications, cannot be underestimated" said Raj Dalal, Founder & CEO, BigInsights. "Dealing with a new technology platforms, integration with real-time data streams while ensuring privacy and security regulations are fully complied with are serious challenges  given the limited in-house analytical and IT skills."

BigInsights BigData Survey 2013

Methodology & Demography

• Online survey run over last 6 months across Asia-Pacific  (> 80% are responses from Australia) • Initially socialized with the BigData interest groups in Australia • Recently circulated to 5000+ senior IT & business leaders across across Australia(courtesy of CeBIT) • Broad coverage of Industry, company sizes • Concentration of respondents that have some interest in BigData View the Executive Summary Below: Please click the link below to buy the report priced at AUD$997 [raw]
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